Earliest Pregnancy Test

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Earliest Pregnancy Test
All the women in this world must have a desire to have a child, the first desire of women usually is having a husband who has a bravery to marry her, but when the time they have married, the other biggest desire of every woman is having a child. At this time, when the time that they realize if they are going to have a baby or in other word they are pregnant, they would feel extremely happy. In this way, to maintain the happiness of yours that you have to make sure first that you are really pregnant by using an early pregnancy test. There are much of ways to make sure the pregnancy, first of all that you can buy a testpack and use it properly step by step, patching the urine of yours to the tool and see the result, that is very earliest way to notice the pregnancy, or in other word, you can just directly go to the hospital for the real and the better treatment from the doctor who are more knowing better about your condition, in a hospital, you will be treated safely and better such as having an X-Ray photos, USG checking, and much else. What makes the hospital is better that you will have no a side effect in checking up your pregnancy.

A Week Pregnancy Sign
If you have known about the procedure on how to test your pregnancy easily, here is another way how you to notice and aware about the sign that you are pregnant from a week. If you are pregnant, you will surely feel nausea, this is the best sign that you can notice that you are pregnant, then another amusing way to make sure the pregnancy in a week that you can fill the urine of yours in a bottle, then you can mix it with the soap liquid, if the combination between the urine and the liquid produces the bubble, it can be considered that you are positively pregnant. Another way that can be done to proof that you are pregnant or not that you can fill the empty bottle with the urine and you combine it with the sugar, and if the sugar is not able to be dissolved, it means that you are really pregnant.

Pregnancy Test Without Testpack
Actually, there are much of ways that you can do to do an earliest pregnancy test in your own home. for instance, you can use a toothpaste, in this part, the only thing that you have to do is also filling the empty bottle of your urine and then mix with the toothpaste, and wait until a few minutes, if the toothpaste is changing its color to be more blue, you are totally pregnant. This way is not that ridiculous, but it also can be considered as a way to notice the pregnancy, because sometimes it is true to be tested. Another way from that you can use the liquid of the bleach, this time you can also mix the urine of yours to be combined with the bleach and aware the result whether it produces the bubble or foamy or not, the great result is foamy because if the combination produces the foamy, it means that you are pregnant. The last way that also you can do is pouring two cups of mustard to your bathtub and you can soaking for about 15 untill 20 minute in it, then rinse your body with a warm water, to notice the pregnancy result that you need to wail till a week, if you have a menstruation in a week after the soaking that you did, it means that you are positively pregnant. But, after all you have knowing the steps and the procedures to notice the pregnancy from the passage above, the best suggestion is you would have better to go to hospital directly in order to have a better treatment, so that you have no to worry about the safety of your baby if there is really a baby in your pregnancy, and also it is more accurate to make sure whether true or not you are pregnant. The decision is in your own choice.

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