First Signs of Pregnancy

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First Signs of Pregnancy

First Sign Of Pregnancy should be paid attention greatly, especially if people are not keeping track of their menstrual cycle. Maybe people cannot keep track their menstrual cycle because it is varied from month to month. That is why they might not be sure about their period. In this circumstance, people can try to pay attention to the early symptoms of pregnancy which may show up around their missed period. Of course, one and another woman can feel different symptom, but at least it can be a good start for them to take the home pregnancy test for ensuring their condition after experiencing the symptoms below.

Aversion of Food
During the early pregnancy period, it is pretty common for pregnant women to get the repelled feeling of food of beverage smell. Certain aroma will trigger their gag reflex. The reason of this condition cannot be answered yet, but it can be the side effect of increasing the estrogen amount in the body. This condition can be pretty extreme since they can also find that the foods they love the most can be repulsive to them suddenly.

Mood Swings
Yes, mood swings can be another crucial symptom which can be found during the early pregnancy period. Hormonal changes become the main reason of this condition because the neurotransmitters can be affected by the change of the hormonal system in the body. One thing to remember, different individual can show different responses to this condition. Some pregnant mothers can feel the emotions which are heightened for bad and good parts. Some other women can feel more anxious or even depressed. Mood swings can be very extreme as well because they can have the emotional conditions which make the unable to handle their daily activity or even make them think about harming themselves. They should call the healthcare provider as soon as possible.

Abdominal Bloating
The next symptom which can be experienced by pregnant mother early in the abdominal bloating which is associated with the hormonal changes. The feeling can be similar to the feeling they often experience before their period. They can feel the waistline which is snugger. This condition can be experienced even when their pregnancy is still early and the uterus is still small.

Frequent Urination
When people are talking about pregnancy, there will be a lot of aspects which cannot be separated from the hormonal change. In fact, hormonal change becomes a crucial part in preparing the baby growth in uterus after all. The hormonal change can cause the blood flow rate rising through the kidneys. That is why the bladder will be filled faster. That is why pregnant mother will urinate more often. Pregnant mothers should be familiar with frequent urination because it will continue or become more intensive as the progress of the pregnancy. As the baby grows bigger in the uterus, there will be more pressure on the bladder as well and this becomes another reason why pregnant women cannot be far from the frequent urination.

Pregnant women can feel exhausted suddenly during the early period. The fatigue can be found pretty often during pregnancy, but there is no clear explanation about the cause of this condition. Pregnant women can feel sleepier and it can be caused by the hormone progesterone which is increasing quickly. They can feel more energetic once they reach the second trimester. The fatigue can appear again during late pregnancy period because there is more weight and also some common pregnancy discomforts. It can make them find more difficult to get good sleep at night.

Sore Breasts
The breasts, which become more sensitive and swollen can be another symptom which can be found during pregnancy. It is caused by the increasing hormonal level in the body. The similar experience can be found before their period, but it can be more exaggerated. After the first trimester, the discomfort can disappear because their body has made adjustments to the hormonal changes.

Light Bleeding
Of course pregnant women usually do not want to see any vaginal bleeding if they want to get pregnant. However, light spotting actually can be the symptom which can be found during their early pregnancy period. It is more like implantation bleeding. Nausea, high basal temperature of the body, and positive result of

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