Online Pregnancy Quiz for the Mother to be

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Online Pregnancy Quiz for the Mother to be
Are you eager to know whether or not you are pregnant yet and cannot seem to wait to pee on the over the counter (OTC) pregnancy test stick? Well, before you are wasting money to buy such OTC pregnancy test stick, while you know that it is still too early to get a result from the stick, you may want to take an Online Pregnancy Quiz. Most women who are expecting to get pregnant are most eager to find out whether or not they are pregnant, especially for those who are expecting for the first pregnancy. Some women even suffer from pre-pregnancy anxiety. Such anxious mind is common for women who are trying so hard to get pregnant and yet still unable to get pregnant. Online pregnancy quizzes are available online made from various of websites. However, you might want to take a note that it might not be as accurate as taking an OTC pregnancy test or going to your doctor, but it may give hints to check whether you have the symptoms of early pregnancy.

When the time comes to planning on embarking on the journey of parenthood, both you and your partner need to fuel yourself to get ready for the life changing experience. During early pregnancy, there are a few changes that you might feel as a mother to be. So, it is recommended that you become more aware of the changes in your body, starting with tracking your menstrual cycle before taking any kinds of pregnancy test online.

Tracking down your menstrual cycle

To begin, please note that testing yourself with home pregnancy test is one of the most reliable pregnancy test for you compared to any online pregnancy quiz. Peeing on a stick using over the counter pregnancy test sticks will check your pregnancy hormones in your urine. This can be detected because during pregnancy, your body begins to produce the pregnancy hormone right after conception process. To be exact, after two weeks of conceiving, you would probably be starting to miss your first day of the menstrual cycle. So, you might want to recall when does your menstrual cycle are usually begin. If you are not the type who always take note of your period cycle, you might want to use ovulation calculator or calendar. You can find such calculator on a mobile app or in a form of website.

Taking a casual online pregnancy test

Although it is not common for women to base their decision whether you are pregnant or not, on some online tests, but it might give women the positivity and hope they need to stay focused on trying to get pregnant. If you take an online pregnancy test after experiencing some signs of early pregnancy such as soreness of the breasts, nausea, and other most common signs of early pregnancy, the online test will ask you just that! One of the example of an online test question would be “when you are thinking on wearing a sexy new bra that you just bought and washed because all of your current favorite bras is kind of tight, what crossed your mind?” and the online test would give you multiple choice answer such as “Barely covering your breasts anymore. Could you be buying the wrong size without realizing it?” or “Showing a little more cleavage than usual, and definitely more than you’d like.”, as well as “Losing its elasticity, you might have to fasten it with the tightest clasps.”

If you can just realize that such questions in online pregnancy tests seems to be very vague in terms of connecting the dots on measuring whether you are pregnant or not. However, there are other Online Pregnancy Quiz that would allow you to detect the signs of pregnancy. Such test is more reliable from the previous version. An example of a question for a more reliable and matured test is “feeling queasy in the mornings, sometimes all day, or even often need to throw up”. The response to such question is just whether it is true or false. If you answer true, the test will calculate your score higher than when you say no. In the end, it is a matter of accumulated points based on how many yeses and affirmation on the early signs of pregnancy that you give your answer to.

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