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When's The Best Time To Take A Pregnancy Test

When’s The Best Time To Take A Pregnancy Test might be the big question which people will make, especially when they are trying to get pregnant. Having a kid in the family will be kind of happiness addition for them. It might be challenging, but there will be much bigger happy which they can find if they can deal with the challenge properly. There must be high expectation for getting pregnant but they can feel really down after taking the pregnancy test if the result is negative. It must be frustrating to find the same result again and again so they must be very wise in choosing the right time for taking the pregnancy test to get the most accurate result. Of course people will have questions about how soon they can take the pregnancy test. The most accurate result actually can be found if they take the test until the week after the missed period. If they do not want to wait until the missed period, at least they still have to wait 1-2 weeks after having sex. The pregnancy test will not be accurate if they take it too early in the menstrual cycle. Nevertheless, there are some signs which make them should take the test.

Missed Period
When people are talking about the pregnancy, missed period, surely cannot be separated, especially if people want to know whether they are pregnant or not. If they have missed their period, it can be the very first as well as the most reliable sign of the pregnancy. Women mostly have 28 day menstrual cycle, but taking the test should be done if the missed period has been more than a month after their last period. In fact, the period can be delayed or even skipped because of various reasons from stress to specific medical conditions.

The next sign which can make people take the pregnancy test right away is if they have cramps. The cramps are similar to the menstrual cramps. However, it is caused by the implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus wall. This discomfort can be found during the early pregnancy. They might think that they will get their period, but then they do not find it at all. If they have this kind of experience, they should take the test. However, they have to keep it in mind that the hormone levels can be varied for different pregnancy and different woman.

Pain in the Breasts
The pregnancy will produce more estrogen as well as progesterone. The hormonal change will start the change in the body for supporting the growth of the baby. That is why the breasts can feel tender and it will look bigger than usual. It can be caused by the increase of the blood flow. The painful feeling can be found in the nipples. The veins of the breast will look darker under the breast skin. Discomfort can also be experienced by many women before their period so this is not always pregnancy indication. That is why people can take the pregnancy test.

Different Feeling
There are some different feelings which can be experienced by pregnant women during their early pregnancy. Besides the cramps as well as sore breasts, pregnant women can also experience some different feelings during the early pregnancy period, including food aversion, frequent urination, exhaustion, and also nausea. Those feelings can get stronger even before the HCG levels out late during the first trimester. That is why people have to know themselves by paying attention to their body. If they feel any different physical symptoms, they should take the test.

Failed Contraception
There are various kinds of contraceptive devices which people can use for preventing the pregnancy, including condoms and birth control pills. However, they do not give perfect protection from pregnancy. There is still opportunity to get pregnant even if they are very careful about using it. People can have different choice of birth control, but they still have to consider taking the pregnancy test if they have any experience with the sign which can be found above. If the birth control is not taken as the direction, the protection will not be efficient. The condom can break and tear if it is not used properly. If they think there is contraceptive failure, it can be answered about When’s The Best Time To Take A Pregnancy Test.

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