Weight Gain during Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Weight Gain Chart

Pregnancy Weight Gain Chart should be followed to make sure that pregnant women get the health weight gain during their pregnancy. Weight gain is very normal for pregnant women because the body is added to the baby, which is growing bigger in the uterus. There are also some other aspects which make the body weight increasing during pregnancy. It is better for ensuring that their body weight is kept on track because it will affect the health of the baby and the mother. The chart will help them to keep the weight gain on track during pregnancy. There are some aspects which must be paid attention associated with the weight gain during pregnancy.

First Trimester
When people are talking about the weight gain during pregnancy, the weight gain rate, of course, will be affected by various aspects including the genetics, metabolism, as well as activity level. That is why people have to make sure that they keep up the doctor appointment during the pregnancy. The chart will be useful for sure, but at least people can have an overview about the weight gain during every trimester of pregnancy. During the first trimester, maybe there will not be any significant change of their weight because the baby is still very small. The weight gain will not be more than 3-4 pounds after all. Many pregnant mothers have to deal with morning sickness during the early pregnancy period so it is possible that they will not gain any weight. It can be kind of worry during pregnancy, but they should be that worry as long as they still have the appetite and get the weight gain during the second trimester.

Second Trimester
The baby will grow earnestly during the second trimester of the trimester. That is why the pregnant mother will gain weight significantly. For the mother to be who starts the pregnancy with the normal weight, during the second trimester they can gain the total weight about 14 pounds. One thing which people should keep in mind during pregnancy is that just because they are pregnant, a mother cannot just eat as much as possible. Gaining weight is important, but they must not forget that they have to keep it at the healthy rate. They have to make sure that they eat balanced foods.

Third Trimester
There will be more weight gain, which can be found during the third trimester. However, the net weight gain maybe will only be about ten pounds. There are some pregnant women who find that they have a steady weight during the ninth month. Some of them can also find that their weight drops about 1-2 pounds. There is still room which can be used for processing food, although the abdominal quarters are even tighter than before. One thing for sure people have to make sure that the weight is increasing gradually but it will depend to the body mass index as well.

Pregnancy Weight Distribution
Some people maybe will have a big question about the fact that they gain weight a lot during pregnancy, but the baby weight and their pregnancy weight gain have significant difference. Although it seems like all of the weight will be in the belly, there will be more detailed pregnancy weight distribution which can be found in the body. The baby will be the primary target of the weight gain. However, there are also other parts of the body which get the weight, including placenta, amniotic fluid, enlargement of uterine, tissue of maternal breast, volume of maternal blood, fluids which can be found in the maternal tissue, and maternal fat stores. The weight must be gained to all of those body parts during pregnancy for ensuring that the baby is healthy and the body is ready for the motherhood.

Recommended Calories Consumption
Gaining weight gradually is essential for pregnant mother, but it must be kept at healthy levels. In this circumstance, pregnant mother should take a well balanced diet for pregnancy. They should not double the intake of calorie because it is better for them to eat the foods which are rich of nutrients for giving them energy. It is also important to take the foods which can help them to overcome the morning sickness problem for instance. Paying attention to the food intake which can support the fetal development is important as well besides Pregnancy Weight Gain Chart.

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