What to Expect When you are Expecting: Earliest Signs of Pregnancy

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Earliest Signs of Pregnancy

Are you and your partner is trying to get pregnant? Trying to get pregnant for couples is an exciting time. Both of you are tracking when is the right ovulating time for you to try to get pregnant. For some people this waiting game It is tough to wait each month to see whether you get a period or not. Trying to figure out the earliest signs of pregnancy can be an annoying guessing game for some of you. Even you even got the simple home pregnancy test just to be prepared. After times and times of peeing on the stick, sometimes it is frustrating when you do not get the plus sign or the two pink lines on the stick. So, it is important to know the early signs of pregnancy to avoid any further discomfort or conflicts.

Some of the following common symptoms of early pregnancy might not happen to all of you. Some people might have a completely different experience than others. Some of it seems obvious to women’s intuition, but for those of you who are trying for your first child and have no prior knowledge or experience dealing with some sort of this, you might find it helpful.

  1. Heavy, sore breasts or itchy nipples

The first part of your body that you want to check straight away is your breast. These symptoms might be similar to some signs of before some women are having their period, but when you are pregnant, a change in your boobs can happen as early as two or three weeks after ovulation. Some women even experience the changes in their breasts as early as one and half weeks after trying for a baby. Signs in your breasts such as soreness, overly tender, and heavy feel of your boobs is one of the most common signs that can be observed for yourself.

Earliest Signs of Pregnancy, sore breasts
Some also experience prickly and tingly nipples as early as seven to ten days after ovulation. A change in color around the nipples is also a common sign of early pregnancy. Although this could be a normal sign before menstruation, this too can happen when you are pregnant. If you are wondering what caused this, some experts believe that this is due to some changes in hormone level. The increase in hormones due to pregnancy or menstruation may affect the fluid and tissue concentration of the breast tissue. When you are getting pregnant, your body prepares your breast by growing and developing glandular tissue that are under the influence of estrogen and progesterone in an attempt to prepare your mammary glands for lactation. This growth and development may lead to pain, discomfort and feelings of heaviness in your breasts.

2. Feeling nauseous
Feeling a little sick is probably the most popular sign of pregnancy. It has been featured in movies and play to signifies being pregnant. In fact, morning sickness affected at least 80 percent of women during their early pregnancy. However, not everyone is actually throwing up due to feeling nauseous, only around 50 percent of women who are actually throwing up. You can actually start feeling queasy from as early as two weeks of pregnancy. Thanks to the changes with your hormones, everyone can experience different things with feeling nauseous.

Feeling nauseous pregnancy
In contrast to the popular believe of feeling a little sick during pregnancy that only happen in the morning, the nausea can always happen all day long. It can happen in the afternoon, evening, or some people also experience nighttime sickness. When you are experiencing it for the first time, it might start off as if you are having travel sickness in the car or bus. It will also change your taste buds too. You might not be able to eat anything with a strong taste. Your sense of smell would also become heightened, as the subtlest may affect you and make you feel like throwing up.
3. Stomach cramps

If you are the type that would experience period cramps, some similarly pain, crunching cramps might also be experienced by the newly pregnant women. This symptom might be common with some women and you will feel different discomfort in your abdominal area compared with period cramps Some people would experience stabbing pain on their tummy, while others feel a dull ache in the tummy. If you wonder why does people experience cramp, well this might be due to a stretching in your abdominals ligament to be in synch with the growing uterus that is changing its shape.

Stomach cramps Pregnancy
4. Metallic or other strange taste in your mouth
This might sound weird and unusual, but one of the most unexpected symptoms of early pregnancy is a sour or metallic taste in your mouth. This unusual sensation is called dysgeusia. You will feel that your favorite foods or drinks would start tasting funny. Wondering why? Well, doctors are still yet unsure what caused it, but it is assumed to be caused by hormone fluctuations. During the first period of pregnancy, your estrogen hormones fluctuate so wildly and uncontrollable to prepare the tough task that your body would need to face in the next six months.

other strange taste in your mouth pregnancy

Estrogen in particular can cause changes to the way your tongue and brain recognizes flavors. As your estrogen levels change, so maybe your taste buds. This might make you hate the favorite foods or drinks!

The list above might not be the most comprehensive earliest signs of pregnancy, but it might help your wandering mind on signs of being pregnant. Consult with your doctors if you have a more riddling question about pregnancy, and good luck!

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