When Is The Best Time To Take A Pregnancy Test?

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When Is The Best Time To Take A Pregnancy Test

When Is The Best Time To Take A Pregnancy Test? There are many women who have a pregnancy test because of anxious waiting for two weeks. Maybe you want to know that you have been getting positive fat and you’re tempted to do a pregnancy test. The woman who took the test in the early signs of pregnancy will probably find a negative result.

The Best Time to Do a Pregnancy Test
The best time to perform this test is after your menstrual late. This will help you to avoid false positive and negative test of the tool. If you do not know the fertility calendar, then this is a good reason to do so. If your cycle is irregular, then you do not need to perform the test until your menstrual cycles appear. If your cycle is 30 to 36 days, then you can take the test on day 37 when the cycle is delayed. Another factor to consider is the menstrual cycle came late. According to the study, only 10 of the 100 women who showed positive results after detecting the early signs of pregnancy because it cannot show accurate results before your period late.

Understanding the Workings of a Pregnancy Test
You have to know the workings of this tool to help determine the best time to take a pregnancy test. It works by detecting the pregnancy hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in urine. There are several tests that detect variations of this hormone. Variations of this hormone are called hyperglycosylated HCG (H-HCG). This hormone is produced only after an embryo implanted into the endometrium. Variations of this hormone are released after fertilization.

Pregnancy Hormone Levels
Usually this pregnancy test will provide the clues amount of HCG required to perform the test. The H – HCG level is usually higher than HCG. If the pregnancy test is successfully detecting this hormone, then you may get a positive result. If the pregnancy test is not sensitive to H-HCG, then you will get negative results. Most pregnancy tests are not too sensitive to detect H-HCG.

How The Results of Early Pregnancy Test?
These test kits promising results three or four days before menstruation. This test is usually assumed a luteal phase that lasts for 14 days. This phase is the time between ovulation with this period. The problems of women are possible you have a long or a short luteal phase. If the phase is 12 days, then four days before menstruation is nine days after ovulation. This time is too early to take it. If you take the test four days before menstruation, then it will become useless to you. If you have a 15-day luteal phase, then the test can be done four days before the period and 12 days after fertilization. Maybe you still hormone deficiency in early pregnancy and did not have a chance for a short luteal phase. If you have the HCG triggers, then you do not need to have a pregnancy test early. Initial tests will only detect the rest of the fertility drugs.

Does It Accurately 99%?
If you look at the instructions in the tool, then the tool will promise 99% accuracy rate. Perhaps you doubt not to be missed in the initial tests. If you have menstruation at a Wednesday, then on Thursday that period will be answered for you. The promise of 99% accuracy is not always true. The test usually produces only 89% accuracy and 46%. Pregnancy Study states that a pregnancy test can indicate a pregnancy with positive results and accuracy of 80% on day 28 of your menstrual period.

Pros and Cons
You have to weigh the pros and cons of a pregnancy test before taking an early pregnancy test. You can get a very small chance to get a positive result and the stress you could be missing for several weeks. You can also get a chance to get a false negative test. You will definitely be disappointed with a negative result. You will also lose the money to buy such a device. If you get a positive result, you may experience early miscarriage. This tool is not accurate when you get HCG triggers.

Conclusion of Early Pregnancy Tests
If you feel that you can reject it, then you should consider the negative results with caution. If a negative result will not bother you and you do have the cash, then you can take this test without a qualm. If a negative result will make you upset and angry, then you should not be wasting time and money to take the test.

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