When Should I Take a Pregnancy Test Calculator and OTC Pregnancy Test

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When Should I Take a Pregnancy Test Calculator

The fact from the scientist says that the woman who is sexually active within the age of 30 years old, will have the chance of getting pregnant around 20% per month. This fact is studied based on the real condition of the world nowadays. People may face the condition when they do not want to get pregnant because of certain reasons, but they still get pregnant. How it can happen? Actually, there is a natural way to prevent the pregnancy. We can use the calendar to see the date when we are fertile. However, when we have applied the natural way to prevent the pregnancy, sometimes we still get pregnant. So, what should we do? Nowadays, there are so many birth control methods that are provided. But in fact, those methods which are aimed to control the birth are not really effective. We still may find the error in the methods or tools. People still confused about the best way to prevent the pregnancy because they think that it is actually just taking one sperm which aims to fertilize the egg. Now, there is a method that you can apply named OTC pregnancy test. You should also know about when should I take a pregnancy test calculator.

OTC Pregnancy Test

Basically, this test is aimed to test the urine of a woman. In the urine, there is a hormone called HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin. You should remember that this hormone only exists in the urine of the pregnant woman. This HCG hormone is just released when there fertilizes eggs in the woman’s womb. Basically, there are some ways to do the test, especially the part when you should collect your urine. The first option is you should collect your urine in the cup. Then, you should dip the testing to the liquid. The second option is you can collect your urine in the cup, then you can use the eyedropper. You should move the least amount of the liquid to certain container using the eyedropper. The third option is you can place the testing stick in the urine stream area.
When you want to have the test, you should do it after the missed period. You can do it in your home. How to use the testing? You just need to open the test and just follow the provided instructions. You should wait for a while to see the result. After waiting for a while, the test will show the result, such as the line, the words “pregnant” or “not pregnant”, the change in color, or the symbol plus minus. When you really want to do the test, you should do it around the week after period to get the most accurate result. Perhaps you still need more information about the missed period.

Sign 1: you have missed the pariod
If you want to know whether you get pregnant or not, the most obvious thing is by checking the missed period. It is better for you to track your own period cycle. If you do not really pay attention to your own period cycle, it will quite hard to check whether your period is late or not. However, you should remember that your period can be delayed sometimes because of the diet, medical condition, stress, and stress. You should consult to the doctor to prevent the light bleeding or spotting.

Sign 2: Having the cramps
There is one thing that can affect the period: the implantation. You should know that it can produce the certain feeling such as menstrual cramps. In the beginning of the pregnancy, some women will feel discomfort. They will think that they get period, but they only feel the pain.

Sign 3: The feeling hurt in the breast
When you get pregnant, your body will produce progesterone and estrogen hormone. The hormones will affect the body because it aims to support the growth of the baby. Perhaps you may feel that your breast will feel tender. Also, it will look bigger because the increasing of the blood flow. You may also feel that your nipple will get hurt. The veins in your breast will also look darker. Since most of women nowadays also feel this sign, some people do not believe that this is one of the signs of pregnancy.

Sign 4: feel different
When you feel that you have cramps, there are other signs that indicate that you are pregnant such as the frequent urination, the nausea, the exhaustion, and food aversions. Day by day, these signs will get stronger because the HCG level is also increasing. It is better for you to take a test. Later, you should know about when should I take a pregnancy test calculator.

When Should I Take a Pregnancy Test Calculator
You can take the pregnancy test calculator when you have finished your period. You should know that actually the test can be positive after the implantation. The blood pregnancy test will have the positive result after 2 days or 3 days of implantation.
You really need to know about when should I take a pregnancy test calculator.

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